Saturday, March 19, 2011

Picking up, putting down and beginning again

Isn't it amazing and true the expression the world is paved with good intentions. I began this blog-site, is that the correct expression, as a self-motivator half-way through my own personal journey towards becoming who I wanted to become. Not just that mom stuck behind the steering- wheel and this past week I turned in a job application, ready to step out of my role as a stay at home mother and back into the work force. I have shed the weight I gained as a way mother natures ensures the continuation of the species and feel I am in a state of age remission. All of which are there own blog subjects. I am unsure how comfortable I am sharing those inner thoughts in a digital format that can come back to bite me on the ass and yet I know that this journey has been one that so many of us can not only relate to but would feel better knowing that someone else has been there and done that.

So wish me luck, and I'll start posting here again. Writing down the events as they happen and remembering those things from the past.