Monday, January 5, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ok, not a big blugger. Life and distractions get in the way. But, I need to get this thought down. I am planning my Daughter's Bat Mitzvah, invitations are out, RSVP's are coming in. My G-d-mother called, she may not be able to attend. This was my father's B.F.F. big time. She was around before I was born, and has stuck around after my father's passing. In many ways she has been there to keep my laughing at what my dad would have thought/said/done. She was not his best friend for life, it's lasted almost 20 years since his death.

She is flying to Israel. With all the talk of a ground invasion, with rockets flying in & bombs being dropped. She's taking a flight to make "chocolate chip cookies" for her grandchildren. They're trying to kill us, we'll survive....let's eat ! A new take, on an old joke.

I have started to forget what it felt like to live here, in Los Angeles/Long Beach during the King riots. I am too young to remember the Watts riots. I have not forgotten what it felt like on 9-11. I have not forgotten the Uniforms running in to the buildings as the sane people ran out. Here I am watching a not so little, gray haired grandmother....hopping on a half empty plane, while others are attempting to flee ... just to reassure her family "Grandma's Here". No matter what language she says it in.