Sunday, March 9, 2008

Time, Space and Black Holes

"Time will be spent, the choice is will it be wasted or invested."

There is nothing wrong with down time, we all need it. The problem is when it is not done consciously. We do not live with black-holes. Space, time, even air occupy this area, even when we are not really aware of the existence.

When I walk into a museum or show-room, I notice what is on display, because of how it is framed. The wall behind a picture, the lighting, even the color of the floor, all add to how a piece is spotlighted. Upper-end boutiques use this technique constantly. They may have just a few items on display, and convey a message that could not be duplicated with a crowded, jumbled clothes rack.

Florists will place one stunning stem, in a clear glass vase with a few clear glass marbles... you notice all the details of that flower. It's simple, elegant & attractive. There are times, what I want is a full vibrant, multi-faceted arrangement. Colors, textures, smells....a feast for the eyes, a constant surprise with just a subtle change in my visual focus. The reality is both arrangements can occupy the same amount of space, cost the same amount of money, accomplish the same thing sitting on a table.

I can sit on the couch, listening to my thoughts, I can shift my mental focus and listen to the hum of distant cars, the buzz of a small plane somewhere in the clouds. I can close my eyes and pick out the first chirps of springtime from the birds in the backyard, or the sounds of my son clicking on his own keyboard... It is up to me which sounds I want to hear. What sounds I want to pick out from the grey-noise around me.

Sounds will invade my space, so I get to decide what sounds those will be. I can turn on the TV, radio or choose my own sounds to fill my ears. I can listen to commercials I am not interested in and music that I have no passion for, or I can invest a little effort and play some CD's that I will enjoy. It takes a little more effort to make a decision, get off the couch and turn on the stereo. It also gives me so much more pleasure having music I am passionate for playing in the background.

You can not waste time, you can not save time, you can not hold onto time, it passes, consciously or unconsciously, awake or asleep. You can use your time. The key is to be aware of it, and make a decision of how it will be used. Like putting a small picture on a large blank wall, or painting the side of a building with a mural. Both will occupy the same square footage, both have value.

Quiet time, down time, relaxing time, these are important. Just be aware of time, don't allow indecision, to fill your time. Decide that I need to rest, or decide to do something. The time will be spent one way or another, might as well get some value from it.

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EEEEMommy said...

I came over via the blog party! This is a great post! Very challenging!

Grace and Peace,